Worker’s Responsibility

At ISSLP we believe in training, training and more training to ensure our employees’ safety while working on our jobsites throughout Western Canada. The health, safety, and environmental responsibilities as an employee or contract employee include:

  • Arriving for work fit for duty, meaning well rested and not being under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Carry out your work in a safe manner in order to protect yourself, your fellow employees, contractors, consultants, and the public;
  • Performing all work activities to established policies, work methods, practices and procedures;
  • Checking tools and equipment, including personal protective equipment and safety equipment, for all hazards before using them;
  • Report all potential hazards, near miss, accidents or incidents, injuries, illnesses, spills or releases, violations, and unsafe work practices to your supervisor;
  • Knowing the location, type and operation of emergency equipment;
  • Use and maintain all safety controls and personal protective equipment as require;
  • Participate in all safety meetings that are scheduled on days you are working;
  • Refuse to perform work that poses or may pose imminent danger to you or other workers;
  • Maintain a cooperative, helpful attitude towards safety and fellow workers;
  • All information received by the workers will be kept confidential no matter what the information pertains to.

COR Certified

Safety Certificates