Confined Space Monitoring (Gas-Testing, Entry Watch)

Working in confined spaces can be a highly dangerous job. We offer confined space monitoring and ensure that safety and precaution are held to the highest standard.

Since 2016, Industrial Scaffolding Services L.P. has been a service provider for toxic gas detection and overall precautionary measures involved when working in potentially hazardous and life threatening confined workspaces.

When it comes to the safety of your trained staff and professional team, you need a confined space monitoring company you can trust. That is why we offer the highest degree of safety and professional confined space monitoring services across several regions in Canada. With our team, you can expect a high level of dedication and certainty that your confined workspace is monitored for everything from confined workspace hazards, to confined workspace air toxicity.


For more information on the aspects of our Confined Space Monitoring services please contact Aaron Olsen – Director of Environmental, Health and Safety by email or at 1 (888) 246-6668.