Our health and safety program is dedicated to promoting safety awareness through employee education and training. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and we require that every employee actively participate with a positive team attitude in our Environmental, Health and Safety Program. Our commitment to safety is instrumental in the safe, efficient, and economically viable completion of projects.

Supervisors are key personnel in the implementation and overall success of the safety program. At Industrial Scaffold Services L.P. all supervisors participate in the Site Supervisor Training Program. All employees receive a safety orientation on their first day of employment which consists of company policies, standards, procedures, practices, expectations, rules, etc., and include Petroleum Safety Training (PST) or Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) certification.

Our commitment to safety has allowed Industrial Scaffold Services L.P. to achieve a WorkSafeBC, Government of Alberta and Saskatchewan registered Certificate of Recognition (COR). Industrial Scaffold has also achieved the WorkSafeBC Injury Management Program certification.

Supervisor’s Responsibility

Supervisors are key personnel in the implementation and overall success of the safety program. Training of supervisors is a logical first step, since supervisors will help in training the other employees.

Supervisors are responsible and accountable for ensuring that all work activities in their area are conducted in a safe manner. This is accomplished by:

  • Taking the Industrial Scaffold Services L.P. Site Supervisor Training;
  • Ensuring that all employees are familiar with applicable regulatory requirements and follow all Industrial Scaffold Services L.P. policies, safe work methods, practices and procedures;
  • Completing employee performance reviews that are linked to Health, Safety and Environmental performance at the individual level;
  • Participating in the review of incidents and proactive reports ensuring proper investigation and follow up;
  • Attending monthly safety communication meetings and participating in site inspections and ensuring hazard assessments are completed as scheduled or required;
  • Ensuring all personnel are aware of and comply with Personal Protective Equipment requirements;
  • Ensuring all people working onsite have received a Industrial Scaffold Services L.P., or equivalent safety orientation;
  • Ensuring all tools, equipment and materials are operated and handled in a safe manner in accordance with manufacturer recommendations;
  • Ensuring people under the supervision are properly trained to perform all job tasks in a safe manner;
  • Recognizing safe performance and correcting unsafe conditions;
  • To ensure safe work permits are obtained and that all employees are knowledgeable and abide by the conditions of the permit;
  • To conduct toolbox meetings, record the minutes and forward them to office for review, corrective actions and filing;
  • Setting an example by working safely and following accepted safe work procedures;
  • All information received by the supervisors will be kept confidential no matter what the information pertains to.
Worker’s Responsibility

At ISSLP we believe in training, training and more training to ensure our employees’ safety while working on our jobsites throughout Western Canada. The health, safety, and environmental responsibilities as an employee or contract employee include:

  • Arriving for work fit for duty, meaning well rested and not being under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Carry out your work in a safe manner in order to protect yourself, your fellow employees, contractors, consultants, and the public;
  • Performing all work activities to established policies, work methods, practices and procedures;
  • Checking tools and equipment, including personal protective equipment and safety equipment, for all hazards before using them;
  • Report all potential hazards, near miss, accidents or incidents, injuries, illnesses, spills or releases, violations, and unsafe work practices to your supervisor;
  • Knowing the location, type and operation of emergency equipment;
  • Use and maintain all safety controls and personal protective equipment as require;
  • Participate in all safety meetings that are scheduled on days you are working;
  • Refuse to perform work that poses or may pose imminent danger to you or other workers;
  • Maintain a cooperative, helpful attitude towards safety and fellow workers;
  • All information received by the workers will be kept confidential no matter what the information pertains to.

Client Orientations

Below are the links to our client’s online orientation. Please follow the directions. Any questions, please contact your supervisor.


CSTS 2020 / WHMIS 2015