Services and Solutions for Western Canada

Industrial Scaffold Services L.P. is trained and ready to deploy any large-scale, extreme weather, difficult-to-engineer project that require a safe, professional completion.

We are the trusted partner Canadian industrial companies choose for scaffolding and associated services. Our additional services include: Confined Space Monitoring (Entry Watch, Gas Testing); Rescue; Insulation; Environmental Containment (Shrink Wrap); Spark Watch (Fire Watch); and Site Services (Janitorial/Security). Our services span your entire project life cycle and includes rentals, sales, engineering, and labour.


At ISS we are highly qualified and have a vast amount of experience in obtaining NOPs and building work safe procedures to conduct asbestos and lead abatement.

Confined Space

Working in confined spaces can be a highly dangerous job. We offer confined space monitoring and ensure that safety and precaution are held to the highest standard.

Environmental Containment

We provide professional environmental containment services across Canada. This service includes the shrink wrapping of a wide variety of items.


We provide insulation services for our commercial and industrial clients. Our experienced and dedicated team are standing by to assist you.


As leaders in the scaffold services industry, we pride ourself in delivering safety and productivity focused service. These services require a high level of quality control in order to ensure safety and cost efficiency.

Safety Site Services

ISS is proud to supply spark watch, rescue and any other labour requirements our clients may need.


Internationally recognized, we offer in-house scaffold training to our clients across the range of our extended services. All training is conducted by an internationally certified scaffold instructor.

Committed to take

Industrial Scaffold Services provides scaffolding services, rentals, and associated services to industrial customers throughout Western Canada.


Our commitment to safety is COR to our safe, efficient, and cost-effective completion of our projects. Our employee training programs exceed industry best practices.


Experienced Team

Our team of highly qualified field personnel have a strong understanding of industrial facilities and equipment along with the related construction and maintenance requirements. Our customers benefit directly from the experience and knowledge we have gained through 20 years of challenging projects across many industries.


High Performance

We know our on-site performance is a critical component in achieving your project timelines. We set the bar for installation quality and for erecting and dismantling performance within the industry.


Innovative Solutions

We are not satisfied with the traditional way of doing things. We continuously look for ways to improve our cost-effectiveness and on-site safety performance. We use top quality equipment and have built our own custom equipment for special customer situations.

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